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 Advertising on Trucks in Miami

Mobile Advertising in Miami Frequently Asked Questions

Our mobile billboards offer a variety of benefits compared to more traditional advertising methods. Get the answers to your questions.

Q: How many people see my sign?
A: This depends on where the unit is. We estimate most of the time that we average over 80,000 impressions per day.

Q: How do mobile billboards compare with other advertising media?
A: Mobile billboards are exceeding today's demands and expectations. With products like TiVo™, Cable TV, Satellite TV, and Sirius Satellite Radio™, more people than ever are avoiding commercials. Also, more and more people have less time to read the newspaper. Mobile billboards are more effective than static billboards because we go where they can't. A moving sign is 5 times more effective than a static sign. You can't miss our huge mobile billboards as they pass you by. Our unique design creates a curiosity in people's minds. They wonder what it is as they turn their heads to read the advertisement. It's a fun and exciting way to promote.

Q: How long are the mobile billboards on the road?
A: A moving billboard is highly visible for an average of 8 hours per day.